Live Wire Beauty Professional Eyelash Curler

Product Review

Febraury 1, 2015

Professional Eyelash Curler - Never Needs Refill Pads! - Doesn't Pinch Or Pull! - Best Curl For Full Eyelashes With Cute Pink Packaging

This professional eyelash curler is very well made nice silver in color. Comfortable handle and lightweight. It’s made of really great materials so it is sturdy and easy to handle and use. It worked great on my lashes, no pulling or pinching. It also doesn't stick to your eyelashes if you use right after using mascara. Another thing that I really like is that its wider than most eyelash curlers so your sure to get those corner lashes. Most eyelash curlers are smaller and do not get the ends of your lashes. The hyperelastic silicon pad does not leave a crease on your lashes and does a great job without a bit of pinch or pain. This is a truly a great product buy with confidence.