AWESOME Adventure MMOG game Trove

A fun and excited game TROVE

Trove is a multiverse adventure game.
Features a brightly colored game while you hunt for treasures or collect blocks and other resources with craft buildings and other content. Many dungeons to explore.

I love to play game especially adventure games. I am not a tech wizard and do not know all the terms serious gamers use. I do know one thing, I am learning a lot by playing Trove and truly enjoy the play.

 It is very easy to install, I am playing on my PC. There are so many games out there that you can only play on phone or tablets. I still am a lover of playing games on my PC. I have a 17" monitor and there is nothing like playing a game on a big screen.

There are so many missions and so many things to encounter. I still have not learned them all but I am having so much fun learning.
Trove is all about the business of exploration, hoarding and crafting. Enjoy meeting other players, play alone or invite friends to join. 

Trove is a MMOG online video game which can be played by a large number of people simultaneously.


You really have to give this game a try. You can download it here

If you are a newbie to adventure games or a pro this game is for you. 
You can play with friends and go on adventures. The on screen menu is easy to use you just have to read the directions. 

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  1. This looks like a fun game, great for kids who love playing exciting games :)

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  3. That sounds like a fun game. My kids would love it.

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  5. That sounds like a super fun game. My son would love this.

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