My Review : Genuine Australian Lambswool Car Interior Duster

Genuine Australian Lambswool Car Interior Duster by Lush Ride (TM) | 100% Natural Wool from Australia and New Zealand, Compact 16 inches Length, Plush Lambswool Interior Detailing Tool

My car has all black interior, dashboard and leather seats. Even after a car wash within a few days the dust piles on and it drives me crazy. I received the Australian Lambswool duster and it works fabulous. I dusted the inside of the car super fast and the dust stayed on the lambswool. 

I also have been using it in the house I have a lot of black furniture which gets super dusty every day. It worked nicely and dusting was a breeze. It is smaller than normal dusters which makes it easier to clean th car. It measures 16 inches. It is so much softer and attracts dust quickly. In the car and home it makes a great duster. I received this Lambswool duster complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and words are my own.