How to Make Your Living Room Warm, Welcoming & Wonderful


Out of all the rooms within your home, your living room is the space to relax, have friends over for drinks and games, and to play with your children, and this multi-purpose nature of the lounge requires interior design attention. With this in mind, here’s how to make your living room warm, welcoming, and wonderful. 

  1. Find the Perfect Floor Rug 

Firstly, whether the living room is carpeted, or else you’re intending on upgrading to carpet, one of the quickest ways to transform your living room for the better is to add an oversized, bright and bold floor rug.

Now, you may wrongly assume that there’s not much thought involved in choosing the right rug for your living room, whereas in fact, there are three central considerations to remember:

  • Ensure your new rug is at least six inches wider than both sides of your couch.

  • Base the length of the rug on the length of the couch.

  • Make sure that there’s at least a thirty-inch gap for a walkway between large furniture 

  1. Go Mad with the Soft Furnishings 

Next, nobody wants to attempt (and fail) to relax after a hard day at work on a couch where the only comfortable adornments are two measly cushions which you would rather stay as aesthetic-only, so the thicker and softer blankets you choose, the better. 

The beauty of styling with soft furnishings is that, as long as the throws are off the floor and brushed free of crumbs and other debris, your couch and therefore, your living room on the whole, will appear put together, regardless of the positioning. Nothing says ‘cozy’ quite like a couple of throws!

  1. Invest in a High-Quality Carpet

These days, with so many alternatives to leading brands and the breadth of choice that every single American has access to when grocery shopping and browsing for larger items, it’s no longer a hard and unquestionable fact that the more you pay, the better the quality. 

However, this truth remains when considering investments such as expensive home furnishings, for example, which is why upgrading the thickness and weight of the pile on your living room carpet will benefit you greatly. 

Contact the industry leaders at for all the advice, hints, and tips you could possibly need and want for choosing the right style of carpet for your room. 

  1. Lighting is Everything

Lighting is one of, if not the most important considerations when designing the core layout and content of each and every room throughout your property, and in particular, your living room. 

The key here is to shake off any temptation to stick to a rigid structure, and to instead to relax and play with different tones, shades, and depths of living room lighting, as well as move away from the traditional ceiling light in the center of the room. 

Unequivocally, if you haven’t already, install a dimmer switch to instantly expand the range of ambiences and atmospheres you can create in the space, and look to light specific areas of the room with table and overarching floor lamps.