Ways to Spoil your Dog

 “Pets are family” is not just a cliche saying. If you have a pet, you are someone who understands. Each pet has his or her own unique personality. As you get to know them and they get to know you, you develop a special bond that truly makes them a part of your family. Unfortunately, most pets don’t live as long as us humans do. In my opinion, we should use every second of their lives as an opportunity to make their short lives amazing! Here are some ways I like to spoil my dog to show him I love him, and make his short life here on Earth the best that it can be:  

Varied Treats

Maybe the easiest way to treat your dog is to switch up the treats you give him. There are SO many different flavors, textures, and types of pet treats on the market, so switch it up! If he is used to bacon-flavored treats, try the chicken flavor next time. If you always give a certain brand, change the brand for a different experience. There are a couple of things to consider before you try this: Make sure to read ingredients for the new treats to be sure there is nothing that could harm your pet. For example, rawhide can often be dangerous for dogs. Do your research! Also, be careful with switching up his normal dog food; new treats should be okay, but changing a dog’s everyday food can give him an upset tummy. 

Daily Walks

If you do not already take your dog on daily walks, not only is it great exercise for your dog, but it is also great exercise for you! It can be loads of fun and is a great way to bond with your fur friend. Daily walks allow your dog to be a dog! This is his opportunity to explore new sights and smells, and maybe even meet another dog if he is lucky. If you do already take your dog on walks, try a new route or location to keep things exciting for your pup. Switch up your normal route, or even try going to a nearby hiking location to get extra adventurous! Your dog will appreciate it, and you might enjoy the new scenery, as well. 

Subscription Boxes

When I walk inside with a package, my dog always assumes it’s for him. This is definitely a sign of a spoiled dog. There are many different subscription services made just for dogs! Many of these subscription services make varying boxes for different sizes of dog and chewing habits. The boxes that I currently get for my dog come once per month, and they always have a few packages of treats, chews, toys, and occasionally a clothing item. My dog loves when he gets to open one! This is also a wonderful way to vary your treats since the boxes rarely contain the same type of treat. 

Spend More Time Together

I know we are all short on time these days, but remember that while your dog is a part of your life, you are your dog’s whole life. Spending more time with your pet will show him that you love him, and will make his shorter life memorable and fulfilling. One way to make more time in your schedule for your pet is to do things together. If you’re going out, check to see if the store you’re visiting allows pets. Making an effort to go to restaurants that are pet-friendly can also add some quality time to your pet’s life. Another way to make more time for your pet is to free up your schedule by hiring professionals to help with the day-to-day tasks. My favorite type of help to hire is movers. Moving companies can be so versatile! Not only are they helpful when you are making a big move, but they can also be helpful when you are moving heavy objects around or selling/buying large things. In this area, Consider it Moving can definitely help with moving your heavy objects around. They are Long Island business relocation specialists, but they also do everything else from residential moving, packing services, and more. They rely on 4+ years of experience and customer-focused service to provide the best moving services in the area.


One last way to spoil your pet is by sending him to a pet daycare (that does not use cages). I try to send my dog to a daycare at least twice a week while I am working. Not only do I not have to worry about my dog being bored at home, but he gets lots of exercise and socialization with other dogs. He LOVES it, and is worn out by the time he gets home!

Pets live a short life; spoiling them isn’t a bad thing!