4 Signs Your Pet Needs Help


We all need help from time to time, but the difference between us and our pets is that we are able to voice when we need help, and our pets have a much more difficult time. At least when trying to tell us specifically what the problem is.

In order to make sure your pets are happy and healthy, there are some signs that you should keep on the lookout for, in case they are trying to alert you to a problem and ask you for your assistance.

Limping and Licking

When we have a pain in our tooth it can feel impossible not to keep poking it with our tongue. When our pets have an injury or an issue on their body, you might find them doing the same thing. If you notice them licking a new spot repeatedly, they might be trying to self soothe a pain or problem. Make sure to check out to see if you can see anything visible and go from there.

Limping is a similar action in the way that they are outwardly telling you that they have hurt themselves. It could be something simple as some debris in their paw, or something that requires medical treatment.

Change in Appetite

One of the first signs that something really is not okay with pets is a change in appetite, especially if your pet is very food motivated.

If you find your pet has gone off their food or are not eating enough, make sure to take them to the ortinganimalhospital.com as soon as possible. In the meantime, try different kinds of approved foods that are gentle on their stomach and get to help some nutrients in them. Scrambled eggs, rice and chicken is a good substitute for dog food, whereas fish is worth a try for cats.

Lethargy and Excessive Tiredness

If your pet is usually bounding around with energy but begins to slow down, this does not always mean anything bad. Sometimes it is just old age! However, if your pet is still young and this happens relatively quickly, you might want to get your pet checked out. There could be many reasons your pet is struggling with fatigue, but if you find they are also not enjoying playing or are interested in other activities, this is another red flag that needs to be investigated.

Aggressive Behavior

If your pet usually has a ‘happy go lucky’ personality and is all of a sudden snappy, aggressive or whiney, this could be a significant sign that something is wrong.

It can be a long process to find out what is wrong if they are not making it apparent what the issue is, and the best course of action is to take your pet to the vets immediately for a full examination.

It is important to remember that these signs might not mean anything serious is happening, but get your pets a checkup, as it is always worth being safe over sorry.