Healthcare Tips for Your Cat


Cats can often hide signs that they are sick, which can make it more difficult for cat owners to pick up on when something is wrong. While you might not be able to protect your cat from everything, being sensible when it comes to your cat’s diet and living environment can help you to maintain their health. If you have recently welcomed a cat into your home, or are worried that your cat has picked up some unhealthy habits, here are some basic healthcare tips you can follow.

Consider What You’re Feeding Them

It’s always worth researching your cat’s breed to make sure that there won’t be any specific dietary requirements for them, but most of the time, generic cat food from a reputable brand will be OK. Often you can see a recommended guideline of how much you should be feeding your cat on the packaging of their food, and this will vary depending on their age. Kittens will need to be fed more often but in smaller portions, whereas adult cats can be happy and healthy on two meals a day. You should avoid giving your cat cow’smilk or cream, too, as this isn’t good for them. If your cat is being sick or experiencing diarrhea, this could be an indication of a food allergy, and you might have to do an elimination test. Always seek your vet’s advice, however, if this is happening.

Take Them for Regular Health Checks

Another way to make sure your cat is in the best possible health is by taking them for regular health checks with their vet. Doing this once a year should be OK, unless your cat has ongoing health issues, in which case, going every few months or how often your vet advises is key. You should also make sure that their vaccinations are up to date and that they are getting flea and worming treatments every three months. If you are yet to find a vet clinic for your new cat, check out this Bonney Lake veterinarian if you’re in the Orting, WA area, or use them as an example of what you should look for in a clinic.

Play with Them

Cats might seem to spend most of the day sleeping and relaxing, but they need exercise as well. You may notice that your cat goes through a ‘mad hour’ in the evening or at another time in the day, and this is how they burn off all of that energy. Playing with your cat can help them keep fit, too, and it’s also a good way for you both to bond.

Remove Toxic Plants, Chemicals, and Other Items from Your Home

Certain plants will be toxic to cats, lilies being a particularly deadly flower for your feline friend. Make sure that these flowers and other toxic plants aren’t in your house in case your cat decides to eat them. You may also want to consider swapping out your household cleaning products for non-toxic brands that will be safer for your cat.

You might not be able to stop your cat from getting hurt or ill all of the time, but these are some of the most basic steps to follow to try and keep them in good health as best you can.