4 Perfect Gift Ideas for Green-Fingered Friends


if your loved ones enjoy spending time in the garden or around plants, then treating them to a gardening-themed gift can be a perfect idea. They may be professionals with large yards and lots of veggies or just starting out with a small herb garden on the kitchen counter. Whatever level they are at, there is plenty of practical and ornamental gardening and outdoor gifts to choose from, and here are a couple of ideas to help make birthday or Christmas shopping that little bit easier!

Planting planner

Not all plants and bulbs can be planted whenever you feel like it, and areas are often split into different types of zones. Seasonal planting will help ensure that something is always blooming in the yard and that the soil and other plants get a rest period if they need them. A planting planner can help to identify the times of year that are best for different plants and vegetables, letting you organize your gardening schedule and reminding you when something needs to be planted. These are great gift ideas as they are customizable and can be made to fit the climate, time of year, and types of bulbs and seeds that are going to be planted.

Snow blower

If your loved one lives in a particularly cold area that receives a lot of snowfall, they may appreciate a Troy-Bilt snowblower to help them clear it from their driveway or yard. They are much easier to use than a shovel and require a lot less energy. Furthermore, they come in three different categories depending on the surface that is being cleared and the amount of snow you need to move. They also come in different sizes, which is useful for those who don’t have as much yard or storage space but would still benefit from using one.

Gardening hamper

A great way to truly personalize a gift is to create a box or hamper in which the various gifts can be collected and placed. Once you have selected the hamper, you can begin filling it with different items to suit the needs of the person who is receiving it and your budget, and the number of items you want to give. Popular gardening items include gloves, trowels, books, seeds, and twine, as these are all small and useful accessories.

Kneeling pad

These are a great idea for people who spend a lot of time out in the garden, as a kneeling pad can really help protect and support the knees, stop your clothes from getting dirty, and reduce the need to bend over repeatedly. As well as being used for gardening, they can be used for a variety of tasks that require kneeling, for example, washing pets outside. Kneeling pads come in many different styles, sizes, and patterns, and you may even be able to find a personalized option to make the gift truly unique and more special for the person that is going to receive it.