How to make moving less stressful for you and your children


Let’s face it, every parent wants the same thing in life really. They want to see their children grow up in a strong and stable environment, without worrying about what might happen to them. Whether this is through school, home or even just their friends, a parent will always look out for their children and have their best interests at heart. Nowhere is this truer than when looking for a family home.

The facts

Millions of Americans move house every year and with the average household standing at 2.3 people, there are large numbers of children who get swept up in it too. Whether good or bad, children will be affected by the changes in their circumstances. It might sound surprising, but moving is considered to be one of the third most traumatic experiences a person can go through emotionally. This falls behind only bereavement and divorce in the top 5. So if it has that effect on an adult, imagine what it can do to a child. Yes, children are resilient, but parents are there to protect them. That is why it is essential to find less stressful ways to move or in the very least find ways to cope in order to lessen the overall impact on the entire family.  At they can help to reduce some of the stress of selling your home as they streamline the whole process and essentially cut out the middle man.

How to combat it

There are a number of ways to make the whole experience less stressful for a little one, and quite often honesty can be the best policy. Explaining to your child why you are moving can help them to understand and by explaining all the positives, you stand a better chance of getting them on board for the change. Furthermore, why not try to make them feel more involved in the entire process, whether it is packing some of their own belongings or even coming to the viewings to see how they react to their prospective new homes. By making them feel more involved, it is possible to make the transition easier as they will feel like they have some impact on the whole process. Even by just letting them decorate their own room, even if it is just a squiggle or a splat on the wall, can help them to feel as if it is their space instead of just another building they live in. Even little things like this can make all the difference as it creates a sense of belonging.


As far as moving goes, it will always be difficult regardless of your circumstances. However, with kids it can just compound the issue. Never underestimate how important it is for them to feel as if they are having some kind of impact. Even just letting them have a small role in the move can make the world of difference and you never know, it might just be one of the best things that you ever did.