How to have the ultimate relaxing vacation in Maui


For many people, the last year has been quite stressful as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has changed so many aspects of our lives. Consequently, you’re probably finding yourself looking forward to the time when we can go on vacation like normal again and get some much-needed relaxation! International borders might not be open just yet, but travel within the United States is still possible for most of us – or hopefully will be very soon. There are, of course, lots of fantastic domestic destinations to choose between, but one of the most relaxing of all has to be Maui in Hawaii. Here are some tips for how to truly unwind during your stay.

Hit the beach

Hawaii is renowned around the world for its gorgeous beaches, and the island of Maui is no exception. With crystal clear waters lapping at pristine golden sand, the gentle crash of the waves in the background as you sunbathe or immerse yourself in a good book is the perfect soundtrack to a relaxing vacation. If you’re feeling a bit more active, you can always go swimming or snorkeling to take a closer look at marine life too. Make sure you don’t miss the sight of the sun setting over the ocean in the evening, as it’s one of Maui’s most beautiful images.

Stay in luxury

Your accommodation plays a big part in ensuring that your vacation is relaxing, so be sure to choose where you stay wisely. Luckily Maui has plenty of luxurious resorts, such as those by Outrigger, where you can enjoy breathtaking sea views, top class service, and well-appointed rooms or condos with all the amenities you need for your trip. Take some time to pick your ideal spot, whether it’s in the heart of the action or tucked away in a secluded location for ultimate peace and quiet.

Pamper yourself

What better way to fully relax on vacation than with a day at the spa? Maui has a wealth of world-class spas to choose between, where you can enjoy a traditional Hawaiian lomilomi massage, pohaku hot stone therapy, or a facial with locally-produced ingredients. Alternatively, you could go on a wellness retreat to fully escape from the hustle and bustle of the real world and heal your mind, body, and spirit through meditation, yoga, and other rejuvenating treatments.

Indulge in delicious local cuisine

Hawaiian cuisine is a wonderful blend of cooking styles and recipes from many different cultures, and the food on Maui is fantastic. Whether it’s a multi-course extravaganza at a luau, a romantic meal at a fine restaurant, or a local specialty at one of the many food trucks around the island, there are plenty of gastronomic delights to tantalize the taste buds. Expect plenty of fresh seafood, seasonal ingredients, plus fruit and vegetables grown locally on the island. If you’re partial to a cup of joe, be sure to check out some of the world-famous coffee produced on Maui too.