Four Simple Exercises to Do at Home

With almost all gyms closed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it can be particularly hard to maintain an effective fitness regime.

Many people have found themselves letting go and using these restrictions as an excuse not to put the effort in and stay fit. Nonetheless, it has been proven that exercise can help banish feelings of stress and anxiety and to keep you motivated until all this is over.

The question remains of how to stay fit, happy and healthy despite not being able to exercise in a gym. This guide will look at four simple exercises that can be done at home, make use of your home surroundings, activate different parts of your body and will have you right back to peak fitness in almost no time at all.

Desk Press-Ups

Turn your at-home working desk or kitchen table into an exercise station with desk press-ups. First, move the chair out of the way and stand around two feet away from the desk. Then place your body on the chair at a forty-five degree angle, bend those elbows and lower your chest towards the desk. The same press up can also work against a wall or chair, exercising your chest muscles and improving lung capacity, something you should bear in mind during the currentcoronavirus pandemic.

Sit-Ups and Push-Ups

These classics are simple to do and require no additional gear (although you can make yourself more comfortable by using an exercise mat). For sit-ups, start by lying on your back with knees bent at a 90-degree angle while keeping your feet on the floor. Then lift your chest as close to your knees as possible while keeping your feet on the ground. It's best to do three sets of 15 sit-ups in a row for maximal impact. For push-ups, place your hands equal distance apart on the floor in line with your shoulders. Then try to push your body towards the floor. By mixing these two exercises each day, you will properly establish a good foundation of strength.

Resistance Loop Band Exercise

Loop band exercises are great for activating muscles. They can be used as a complement to other exercises by putting stress on certain muscles or used as a primary exercise method. Find muscles that need extra work and use the bands as a means to get them involved in your workout. If you don't have any loop bands yourself, you can order them and more over at PrePak Products.

Chair Step-Ups

All you need for this one is a chair. One should step up around 20 times, with the left foot followed by the right one in a repetitive motion. This helps to train your leg power while giving the back a rest and putting little strain on the knee, making it the perfect exercise after desk press-ups. Additionally, if you are wearing a fitness tracking watch, it will count towards your extra steps for the day, allowing for a fun gamification of the exercise.