8 Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Builder


If you are starting a new business or revamping your commercial property, then choosing the right commercial builder is absolutely essential. Consumers always notice when a job has been rushed, and employees work less effectively when in a poorly designed and built space.

Rush-jobs and botch-ups are relatively common in commercial buildings. A good commercial builder will be able to specialize while also being a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. Choosing the wrong contractor is a mistake that could cost your business tons of money. Here are some top tips for making sure you go with the right company.

Find Out How Many Projects They’ve Completed

Anybody can make a nice website. In order to pick the right commercial builder it is essential to figure out just how experienced they are. An experienced contractor will have seen it all. You can’t learn crisis management or adaptation on the job in college. Experienced companies like JAX Builders will be able to give you a portfolio of their work for consideration.

Find Out What Type of Projects They Specialize In

It is very likely that you have some special requirements. When planning your build or renovation, make sure you take into account the specializations that would be needed. A good rule of thumb is to find the contractor who has completed the most jobs similar to your own.

Ask for Pictures

Some contractors talk the big talk and then can’t deliver. Look for proof that their previous projects look great. This can come in the form of pictures provided by the contractor, but the best way of getting accurate pictures is to search for reviews of the businesses that they have worked on.

Visit a Site They Have Worked On

Pictures don’t tell the whole story. The only real way to glean the success of a building project is to actually physically experience the space. Take a walk around businesses that your prospective contractors have worked on and take it all in.

Speak to Your Fellow Business Owners

Your fellow business owners are invaluable sources of wisdom. Communicating with your cohort is a great way of picking a contractor: business owners like yourself will be able to share their experiences working on projects with contractors.

Review Your Contract

When you do put together a contract with a commercial builder, make sure to review it regularly. Speaking to a commercial lawyer makes this project a little bit easier, but if that isn’t in your budget you can still compare your contract to your requirements at regular intervals.

Do They Have a Particular Style of Managing Projects?

When reviewing a contractor’s past projects and speaking to your cohort of fellow business owners, make sure to check whether the project management ethos of the building company suits your own.

Ask How They Would Handle Setbacks

Setbacks happen. Budgets are stretched, materials can become scarce and timelines can be warped. Make sure your contractor has contingency plans for when these things happen. Little setbacks become big setbacks when they are allowed to blossom into crises.