7 unusual places to have a birthday party (that you may not have thought of!)


Birthday parties are always great fun, whether its for you or a loved one. They can be the best part of getting a year older, so you want to do something big and fantastic. But it also needs to be something that other people will enjoy, appreciate, and talk about.

You want to make the guests feel wanted and welcome -  this might be your celebration, but its the people around you that helped you grow as a person that also need to be thanked! And thats why birthday parties are so important in our culture - its a bit like giving a little back to those who helped you through the year, while also treating yourself to something grand as well!

So, below we’ve compiled a list for you to have a look at, from unusual venues to ideas that are just a bit wacky and fun, that are sure to entertain friends and family alike. We’ve also put in the ages at which each activity would probably be of appeal, but if youre young and want something really sophisticated, like a yacht party, or are older and you want to go scuba diving, go ahead! There are no limits, its your day! So here are seven unusual and fun places to have a birthday party that you may not have considered before!

1 - Live like a fairy - hold your event in a treehouse!

Treehouses are one of mankinds most underrated bits of fun, from the sheds that have just been placed up in a tree that looks a bit perilous, to full-on functional buildings that have been built around trees, theyre a bit of everyones childhood that kind of just got stuck in the past. But that’s a load of rubbish - tree houses are excellent fun, theyre grand and fantastic, and you can rent out some purpose-built tree houses for your event. They’re not just for childhood! This will be good for those who have children to entertain, who want to excite and wow guests with gorgeous scenery, and a mystical, fairy-like feel! Recommended for a childrens party where there are going to be many adults or kids that are around the ages of five to 10.

2 - Have a thrill at your local theme park

Now heres a serious way to celebrate your birthday and entertain guests - spend the weekend racing around on roller coasters and on a Ferris wheel, eating as many donuts, and having as much fizzy pop as you want. Its great fun for all the family - its a great opportunity for celebrating friends happy. If youre a teen or someone whos in their early 20's who wants to have a special bash for your friends, this is nothing but a great choice.

3 - Would a gorgeous yacht float your boat?

So, what if youre a little more laid back, and you want something that shows that? Maybe something that exudes sophistication and maturity? Well, for you, there’s the option of a yacht birthday party celebration! A celebration that’s perfect for older guests who want to watch the sun go down on a lovely yacht on a tranquil sea, with a glass of champagne. Its a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon socializing, and with your favorite evening attire, youre bound to feel classy!

4 - What about scuba diving?

Yes, I said scuba diving. If youre a fan of animals, this ones for you! Go swimming with shoals of fish in reefs and oceans. Its a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many.

Not only this, but you can also learn a lot about the biomes, and all the extensive biodiversity under the waves. This will be great if you have a young family and it is also a great way to create many memories.

5 - Fancy living like a king or queen? Then try a castle

There are many castles that rent out rooms and hold medieval-style banquets. These are great fun, especially if you want to attend in fancy dress! Youll be treated like medieval lords and ladies throughout the whole event, and you may even rent rooms to stay the night. Its great fun for all the family, or for a small group of close friends to spend the evening partying and having a big old bash!

6 - Fly high with a skydiving simulator

Ever wanted to go skydiving but question the safety of jumping out of a plane? Well, youre not alone there. But, with this incredible experience, (and without the heights) you can enjoy the experience of falling by staying in the same place.

These are great fun for people and families who have teenagers and young adults in their midst, who want a thrill, and fun, exciting memories to share with their friends.

7- Why not try rock climbing?

Another good one to enjoy with friends and a young family. Recommended for young teenagers, as they would probably get the most out of the sense of achievement and inspiration that rock climbing has to offer. Not only this, but there is often a massive range of different walls and abilities to choose from, making this the perfect activity for children with lots of friends. Not only will you have fun, but you’ll be doing some exercise, too.

So, those are seven fun and fantastic ways that you could celebrate your birthday. Some are a bit unusual, and others just sound plain fun, dont they? Thats the thing with birthdays - you need to pick an event that works for you. But always remember that your friends and family need to enjoy the event, so its always good to ask for suggestions from them when youre planning the event.

Have fun, make the best memories you can, and have a very happy birthday!