Working from Home: Prepping your Study

It is vital that you have a dedicated workspace if you plan on working remotely. So, if you haven’t already, now is the time to set up your study for success! The question is, what will you need to maximize productivity, boost focus, and allow for plenty of positive inspiration each day? Here are some guidelines to help you decide what to buy:

Basic supplies

Every study and functional workspace requires a host of basic stationery and supplies. From binder clips and rubber bands to scissors and staplers, having all of these essentials on hand can improve your productivity significantly.

The best place from which to purchase your various office supplies is Office Depot. Here, you will find a full list of office essentials to fully prepare your study from every possible aspect. Be sure to look online for Office Depot coupons before making your purchase. You could get up to half off the total cost as a result.

An ergonomic office chair

There is evidence to suggest that an ergonomic office chair can significantly improve one’s daily work output. Another benefit of this type of office furniture is reduced back pain, which is commonly caused from sitting for extended periods of time. Ergonomic office chairs help to remedy your posture and re-align your spine.

When looking for an ergonomic office chair, try to find one that comes with an easily adjustable backrest and additional lumbar (lower back) support. A sturdy, yet smooth-moving swivel base is essential for fatigue-free movement across the surface area of your desk. Further to this, breathable fabric goes a long way towards maximizing comfort, particularly during the summer months.

A standing desk

If you want to take your study one step ahead, consider investing in a standing desk and doing away with the need for a chair entirely. Along with reducing back pain, the benefits of a standing desk include lowering the risk of both heart disease and obesity. Research shows that by standing for just three hours while you work every day, you will naturally burn the equivalent of 750 more calories each week.

Quality audio equipment

The majority of remote working professionals will spend at least four to five hours sitting in Zoom or Skype meetings every week, and those in upper management could spend that amount of time in meetings every single day! As such, it is essential that you bolster the experience by investing in quality audio equipment. Most people prefer basic headphones, while others opt for in-ear headphones or earbuds.

A great laptop

Most employers will provide their employees with a functional laptop. However, if you work for a smaller enterprise or you have your own business, you might have to make this investment out of your own pocket. Do plenty of research into the various models available, actively comparing the specs based on what you would need to use your laptop for every day. If you aren’t tech-savvy, speak to a PC expert for advice on making an investment.

Here’s to many happy, productive hours working from home in your spruced up workspace!