5 Essential Tips for a Last Minute Move

5 Essential Tips for a Last Minute Move

In an ideal scenario, you’d possess ample time to organize for a move. The whole process is one that incorporates various different details, both big and small, that need to be considered. This is why it’s recommended to set aside at least four weeks to prepare for a move.

However, life doesn’t always work as you expect. This is the case when it comes to a last minute move. There are several reasons why you might be faced with making an immediate move. You could be hired for a job position in a different city, or your landlord may need you to move out immediately. When placed in this type of situation, panic can quickly set in. You’re not sure where to even start.

Thankfully, this article is here to help. Below are five essential tips for a last minute move.

1. Moving company or go it alone?

The first step in the process is deciding on the logistics of the move. This typically boils down to one of two options: using a moving company or doing it on your own.

Regarding the latter, this is generally the more affordable choice. You can simply rent a van for the day, pack everything needed, and make the move. However, this isn’t a wise option if you’re moving an extensive amount of items, or if certain possessions require particular care and attention.

This is where a reputable moving company comes into play. They are specialists who know how to deal with all kinds of items in a swift, efficient manner. Also, don’t think you’ve left it too late to hire one – you can find last minute movers who will come in and save the day.

2. Donate what you don’t need

It goes without saying, but the fewer possessions you have, the less you need to pack. As a result, you should look to see what items you can do without. Before throwing them in the bin, however, see if you can donate these unwanted possessions to local charities or your family and friends.

3. Careful packing’s not mandatory

As you have a tighter deadline, don’t worry so much about packing everything into specific boxes. That type of organization isn’t necessary. Just make sure you have all of your belongings ready to go. Note: if you have delicate possessions, note down on the box that it contains fragile items.

As long as you have everything securely packed, you can sort out the mess once at your new abode.

4. Arrange an essentials box

Moving day is a chaotic experience – and that’s an understatement. It can be easy to misplace things and forget certain essentials. Because of this, you should take the time to pack a box with items you will need on the day.

Think about including the likes of phone chargers, toiletries, important documents, medication, and food.

5. Reach out for help

Moving is not something you can get done in an hour or two. It’s a large task that requires a giant portion of effort and time. Yet the job can be finished significantly faster if you enlist assistance from family and friends.

With others helping to pack up your belongings and take items to donation centers, it gives you breathing space and lessens the chance of mistakes cropping up.