How to Change Careers After a Baby

Most new moms are often forced to put their career on the backburner when pregnant and many months after giving birth.
However, if you feel ready to return to working life, but dread the thought of your usual job, there are many ways you can advance your skillset and switch occupations.
To learn more, read these helpful tips on how to change careers after a baby.

Apply for a New Career
If you can’t bear the thought of returning to your old job, it might be time to brush the dust off your resume and start applying for vacancies in your town or city. Carefully review each job description to ensure it complements your personality, skillset, and family life.
Also, don’t be afraid to apply for a job you think you might be underqualified to pursue. The worst a company can do is reject your application, but it could lead to you securing a more rewarding career, a bigger salary, and greater job satisfaction.

Enroll in an Online Course
Don’t put a passion on the back burner because you’re a new mother. For instance, if you dream of becoming a nurse or a dental hygienist, you could enroll in an online program to secure a degree. The course could fit around your busy schedule, as you could embark on a flexible program or 7-week accelerated classes. To find out more, visit A new career could transform your working life and provide your family with greater financial security.

Talk to Your Boss
If you are unhappy in your current job, it might be beneficial to talk to your boss about switching careers in the business once your maternity leave is over. For example, if you work as an administrative assistant, you could enjoy greater job satisfaction by becoming a receptionist or a personal assistant. An employer might also be happy to make changes to your current role, such as offering flexible working hours or allowing you to return on a part-time basis.

Meet with a Recruiter
If you are unsure about the best career path for you, it could be beneficial to meet with a recruiter. The employment experts could review your resume to identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as making recommendations on the best job paths for you.
What’s more, they could provide valuable interview advice to help you secure a role at a flourishing company, and can provide tips on how to improve your resume, such as:
·         Mentioning your accomplishments and awards
·         Proofreading
·         Deleting an objective statement
·         Using a reverse chronological format

Juggling work with parenting can often feel like a daunting challenge to many new parents. Rather than dreading the thought of returning to your old job, take steps to improve your working life.
For example, you could increase your skillset and qualifications with an online program, or you could apply for a new role at a different company. A little hard work and perseverance could lead to you landing your dream job, which can provide a better home and working life.