How To Plan The Perfect Bachelorette Party

If you’ve recently had the privilege of your friend asking you to be their maid of honor, then you might still be buzzing from excitement. However, as that excitement wears off, it could be replaced by worry as you realize all the work that being a maid of honor actually entails. From helping the bride-to-be pick her wedding dress to keeping the other bridesmaids in line, it can be a stressful job. However, the most important part of your role will undoubtedly be to organize the bachelorette party. You will be responsible for creating a memorable night that your friend will remember for years to come. So, no pressure!
Fortunately, with these tips, you can take some of that weight off your shoulders.
Cocktails Aplenty
No successful bachelorette party can happen without cocktails, and if you want to make this night extra special, you can hire bartenders specially from Whether you’re staying in or hiring a venue, these bartenders will bring the bar and cocktails to you. They can make this special night even more memorable for the bride by crafting a signature cocktail in her honor!
Make sure you all raise a glass in a toast to the impending nuptials.
Remember The Decorations  
If you want this night to be worthy of Instagram, then you need to remember the decorations and accessories. Go all out! Think a veil, ‘bride-to-be’ sash, or even order some customized T-shirts for all the girls so they can have a souvenir from this night.
For the party décor, some creative ideas could include:
·         A personalized bachelorette party banner
·         Diamond ring piñata
·         Photo props
·         Glitter balloons
·         Customized wine bottle labels

Book Entertainment
It’s essential that you book the entertainment in advance, so the bride won’t be left disappointed! There’s a vast array of things you could book, but it all depends on what the bride likes (and, of course, your budget).
If the bride is creative, for instance, why not book a live drawing class for everyone? Not only will this get your creative juices flowing, but it can be a fun bonding exercise (especially if alcohol is involved). Or, if the bride is more outdoorsy, you could even book with a company that specializes in glamping – glamorous camping – so your bachelorette party can relax amongst beautiful scenery in luxury tents while sipping champagne — pure bliss.
Of course, there are always more standard options, such as booking a stripper or booking a whole spa weekend, so everyone is nice and relaxed before the big day. Whatever you decide, just make sure you book!
Have Party Games
If your guests aren’t exactly BFFs and you need some icebreakers to get the party going, introduce some fun party games for everyone to take part in. This could be in the form of a groom quiz, where you can test the bride on how well she really knows her future husband, a ring hunt (with toy rings, of course), prosecco pong, or the classic icebreaker, Never Have I Ever…
Give Out Goodies
Keep the bridesmaids happy by giving out special goodies. These don’t have to be ridiculously expensive but can be a thoughtful gift to thank them for coming.
Some suggestions could include:
·         Make-up bags
·         Soaps
·         Candles
·         A hangover kit
·         Hand fans