Five Ways to Update Your Home’s Interior

As we head towards Christmas and a new decade shortly afterward, it’s the opportune time to begin thinking about a refurbishment and a rebranding of your home’s interior. Not only will you have a new decade’s home additions to update your interiors with, but you’ll have the inspiration that a new start can bring to your family and friends – and a new project taking place in your home is a wonderful way to start a new year. Below, you’ll discover five key ways that you can update your home in 2020 in order to curate an interior that you can truly call your own.

Let’s begin with what’s most overlooked in your home: the floors. If you’re willing to invest a little capital in your home redesign project, then you might want to consider under-floor heating: an elegant solution to your home heating issues that also helps you avoid the annoyance of cold feet. Meanwhile, you may wish to tear up old, smelly carpets in favor of stylish wooden or slate floors – updating the smell, look and feel of your floors for the new decade.
Dramatic New Furniture
There’s something to be said for the statement piece of furniture – bringing in the new in favor of the old in order to rejuvenate a whole room without ripping up floors, delving into walls, and completing a full and disruptive refurbishment. Of course, you can still add these exciting pieces after refurbishing, but if you’re on a tight budget and you’re looking for that one piece that’ll really blow guests away, check out products online. You can find many iterations of the high-quality, highly sought-after modern coffee table for your home, for instance, to add chic and charm to your abode.
Energy Efficiency
Meanwhile, no home interior redesign can be truly effective without taking into account the money that you can actually save by updating your home. If your entire home is a little frayed around the edges and in need of a thorough updating, then you may wish to replace windows to keep out drafts, insulation to keep in the heat, and light bulbs to save on your electricity bills. Enhancing your energy efficiency can save you hundreds of dollars per year, if you execute your plans well.
Updating your home doesn’t just mean making it less battered and bruised by applying a new paint job and making your furniture selection count – it’s also about updating the electrical and digital appliances that you have dotted around your house. From your hairdryer to your tumble dryer; your speakers to your heating system – you can impact your home’s feel and vibe by adding new technology to your interiors.
Rearranging Rooms
As your family grows comfortable in your home, and your children grow older, you can find that the social spaces in your home are left vacant, with kids in their rooms and the adults in the kitchen, and little space to share and laugh. A simple rejig of your home’s interior, perhaps shifting chairs in your lounge to make for a more comfortable social space, can serve to update the energy in your home and bring your family together once more for the new year.
There you have it: five key ways to update your home interior as we approach and move into 2020.