Charleston, Staten Island, NY has a new theater, the Regal

What an incredible Movie Theater, the Regal that opened in Charleston, Staten Island, NY. Last night Wednesday May 29, they had their grand opening VIP party. What a nice addition in Staten Island, Charleston is one of the best locations to now shop, eat and see a great movie of your choice. 

When you first walk in there are escalators or stairs in the entrance. If needed you can use the elevator. 

With 10 theaters and leather reclining seats it is extremely spacious. So comfortable with a drink holder and tray on each chair. We all love comfort at a theater and you can't beat this cinema. 

The party was located in the lounge, which has a bar and small tables. Enjoy a drink before you enter the theater. 

To celebrate the opening they served hors d'oeuvres, shrimp station, antipasto station and mini desserts.

The concession stand has it all. Goodies, food, everything needed to enjoy a movie night.

A long spacious hallway that leads to each theater is very attractive. 

Get the family together and head on over to 165 Bricktown Way, Staten Island, NY 10309. Get your tickets and enjoy a great day or night out with the family and friends. Sit back relax in luxury comfort. Enjoy !!