First Strategies to increase Pinterest Page Views, Followers

Do you own a blog or a website? Would you like to increase your visitors and page views on your pinterest account? Well, don't be astonished anymore. Now, if you are a blogger and you don't have a Pinterest account, open one today by following simple steps. The aim of having more Pinterest followers is that you will get more repins in your account, likes, comments as well as clicks. More likes and repins connotes more page views which increases the website traffic and as a consequence generate more leads and sales for your business. lets assess some tips to get you started on this.

Increasing views on Pinterest is not as hard as you might think. As long as you pin daily, set up a Rich Pin and verify you will start to gain engagement as soon as the same day. Good graphic designs and a vertical pin is most important. You want to capture your audience, so be sure to use clear photos and good important titles with keywords.

Include the follow up button on your blog or website
If you have a high traffic website or blog, ensure you place the Pinterest follow button on either sidebar, at the footer or header. The visitors will see the button click it and be diverted to the Pinerest account and on that account increasing your Pinterest followers. Create a custom button that relates to your brand from the widget builder page.

Create a profile widget.
Profile widget, as well as the Pinterest button increases Pinterest followers. Profile widget is mostly used by bloggers since its effective than Pinterest button. It presents more and latest re-pins of your Pinterest pages. Likewise, to create a profile widget, use the widget builder icon or create your own through customizing the size of the widget.

Pin often.
When you pin, it denotes you are sharing. Pinning quality images and contents that people appreciate allows Pinterest to suggest for you more people who also pinned the same image and increase your presence thus attract your target audience to your Pinterest account. 

Give your opinion on popular pins 
In the pinterest account, there is popular pins section that shows the repins. give your views to these pins so that visitors may follow your page. Give meaningful comments by first studying the post carefully and understanding it. Use few words to comment at most two words. Avoid too much commenting as this may lead to your account being temporarily closed.

Recognize other users
During comments and repins, make sure you recognize other users by commending them in the posts. This gives them an urge of following you to know more about you.

Link all your accounts
Link your Facebook, Twitter account to your Pinterest account. You can tweet a pin and your twitter visitors will follow your pinterest account. As well post the latest activity of your pin to the Facebook account to attract more followers.

Find more friends
In the drop down menu of your pinterest account, click it to follow friends on other social networks that you have connected with.

Promote your board
Concentrate on the popular board instead of the whole profile. Visitors like visiting specific boards on a page, thereby promoting your brand page by placing it on top of your page will pleasure your visitors to follow you.

Follow others
Search for people who have similar interest as yours and follow them.

Take part to other boards
Take part and comment on other groups boards. Examine the boards followed by most people and follow them too. Join the conversation and request to be a member. If the members like your pin , they will follow you.

By applying all or some of these strategies, you will increase your followers and generate more sales.