Sugar Content in Fruit - Is all Fruit Your Friend?

For years and years, it’s been drilled into the American public that certain things are good for your diet and certain things are not. For example, processed food? You should avoid it. Broccoli and apples? Go for it. Cookies and cakes? Probably not, unless you want to watch your muscles disintegrate and your weight go up.
But with the advent of some popular eating plans such as Paleo, fruit is often limited or eliminated totally. However, experts have some strong disagreements with this plan that doesn’t put any fruit into play in the daily living plan. For example, if you don’t eat any fruit, then you’re depriving your body of some crucial vitamins and minerals as well as fiber and natural sugars that can be necessary for energy.
But are all fruits created equal and should all be added to a healthy eating plan with the same energy and robustness? Maybe not. This graphic illustrates some examples.