Quick and easy tutorial on how to make Floral Letters on Styrofoam

These letters might look very time consuming but they really are a gorgeous idea for a babies room, initial on your front door, gift idea for someone hard to buy for.

The supplies I needed:

I started out looking for the letter I needed on Amazon, the letter C. They offer all letters from LA Crafts. These are 12 inch foam letters. 

I find the best place to buy flowers at a great price is Hobby Lobby. I picked up these Ivory Rose Bush where they heads of the flowers come right off. I also purchased the Pink Ivory Bush . It wasn't the correct color so I decided to paint wash them with acrylic paint because I needed a darker pink

I put the paint in a plastic container and added a little water to make it thiner. I put each flower in and made sure the entire flower was soaked in the paint. Put them on the side and let them dry over night.

Painted the letter C with the same paint and let dry. Took off all the heads of the flowers and put aside the stems and leaves to use later.

Started gluing the flowers one a time at the top of the letter. Worked around the letter and placing them to see how they would love best before hot gluing them on the foam. Following the outline of the letter filled it with all the flowers alternating the two colors. 

I cut some leaves off the stems and hot glued them in between the flowers to add a little greenery. 

Used my paintbrush with mod podge to seal the paint around the entire letter and in between the flowers. It gives protection from the paint flaking off and makes it shinny. 

Once all dried my project letter C is complete. All ready to be hung up, or displayed on table. A fun easy craft that looks so classy and is inexpensive to make. If you purchase your flowers on sale the costs is around $22.