Hours of Fun for your children with the NEW POGO TRICK BOARD FROM FLYBAR

We all have enjoyed the pogo stick throughout the years whether it was us learning to bounce away or our children jumping all over practicing the perfect jumps and tricks. The Pogo stick has evolved into so many different types of bouncing products. It has become a great way for kids to have fun and get the daily exercise they need. 

Flybar, a company started in 1918, are known for the Original Pogo Stick. If you have children that have had a pogo stick they will love this trick board.  A toy to get your children motivated, learn balance, and practice perfecting the board with tricks. It is fun for all family and friends. This is a great gift idea for both boys and girls even if it is their first bouncing toy.

The Pogo Trick Board is recommended for ages 6+,and weight up to 160 lbs.  comes in 5 awesome colors. It includes a pump to inflate the ball, has a high grit non slip top that will give you kids plenty of grip to perfect learning and performing tricks. Beginners should fill the ball less to learn how to balance and get used to the board. As you progress you fill the ball up more till you reach total control and the more it is filled the higher you can bounce. 

My son tried out the board and at first he did have to learn to balance and get used to the board. It did have a good grip so he was able to learn quickly. Learning good balance is the key to perfecting the board. Balancing is so important in our every day tasks and in everything we do as children. As your children get older they will need these balancing skills in every day life. Even if you child does not learn to do all kinds of tricks this will be just as fun and will keep them striving and learning new techniques about balance.

Head on over to Flybar and check out all they have to offer. They offer products starting at the age of 3+, which is the Pogo Pal. We love the Trick Board and I know your children will too!! It is fun, your child will enjoy hours of learning and having fun. Of course always remember a helmet for the safety of all children! 

You can purchase from Flybar, Amazon, and other retailers this Holiday Season. Walmart, Target, Kohls, and JC Penney are just a few stores that carry the Pogo Trick Board and other great products from Flybar. 

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