Can't figure out to have me time, I have the solution - 15 MINUTE Pause

Some of us just don't take that extra time to do something we enjoy or taking care of our needs. Working, taking care of the kids and finding time for us moms can be sparse. I now find sitting back and relaxing after a full day relaxes my mind and relieves all the stress. After reading this book, my me time is back, anxiety lessened, stress under control. Shouldn't we all take this time even if it is for 15 minutes out of a 24 hour day. For sure !!

Let's start by reading a little each day. 

If you find yourself stressed or can't take out certain time for things that you love, I highly recommend 15 MINUTE Pause. We need to retrain our mind and take that time for ourselves. Sometimes we need a push and to understand what we are not doing right.  If we do not feel good how can we work and take care of our families? The answer, we can't. We wind up so stressed out with anxiety which makes us do less, non productive, and everyone around us feels it to especially our children.
Okay so you are saying to yourself how do I start to make this improvement? It starts with taking time for yourself and reading the 15 MINUTE Pause. I decided I wanted to read it after the end of my day for 15 minutes. I was engrossed and kept reading the first night, finished it in 4 nights. 

15 Minute Pause is the right message at the right time for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed or just too busy to take time for yourself. This book provides practical, easy steps to have more joy in your life. It is not only a book but a guide that you are asked questions in each chapter. You then review your answers by writing them down in the book in each chapter. So helpful because you realize what your priorities are and how to start taking charge and managing your time. Sometimes we all need a little motivation and a little help improving ourselves.

This book really gave me a reality check at what I was doing wrong. So much inspiration came from this book that made me realize how to manage my time and include everything I would like to do. Living a fulfill life is easy if you know how with the advice of the authors. Just by writing down my answers and going back and looking made me realize how important the me is......and how it was truly lost, until now.

Head on over to Amazon, or pick your copy up at Barnes and Nobles. Remember who recommended this book to you and come back and leave a comment if it made a difference in you :) 15 minutes...

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