Printing your own Invitations and saving big $$$

All year round is "party time", there is always something fun going on for our family members or friends. Planning a party can surely be stressful, so this is article one of my daughter's engagement party to give you tips even if you are not the best DIY person.

I always look to save money and I know a lot of us do. We started by picking out Engagement Invitations. I have made many Invitations in the past and wanted to share this quick invite that saved me a bundle. I put together an invite that so many family and friends said it was absolutely beautiful. 

I love the laser cut Invitations and looked at the prices and couldn't believe  websites had them for $10 each. Yes I said $10 each!! personally would never spend that amount on an invite because I know I can make something just as spectacular and save money. 

I checked out Amazon for laser cut invitations. So many to choose from and both my daughter and her fiancé loved this Invitation. It came with the envelopes, printing paper, bows and laser cut flap. 20 invites for $18, so we ordered 3 at the cost of $54. I added an extra $6 for ink so the final cost was approximately $60. If I was to order this Invitation it would have cost me $600. 

If you have never printed your own invitation it is really simple to do. You can use any photo program even Microsoft Word. The size of the invite is 6 X 6. I used Print Shop, set up a new template measuring 6 X 6. My daughter decided on the words, we printed a few samples on regular paper and set it perfectly up to fit on the invite. Setting it up to align correctly is very important. Always size your template the same size as the invite.

Printed out the first one to make sure it fit correctly and then printed out 5 at a time. I did take time to set everything up but well worth my time to save $540. 

Printing the envelope is just as easy. See if your photo program has the exact size of the envelope, if not make a template for the envelope. 

Take a look at all the laser cut Invitations. Yes, some are more expensive and some less. I am sure you will find the color, shape you have in mind for your occasion. 

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