It is that time of year, fall is approaching and we all enjoy to spend nights weekends with family and friends and try new trivia and board games for a fun night !!
Our family nights are so much fun, getting together and enjoying each other's company is always the best. I make a great dish of snack food we sit at the table talking and talking and then play a great game that always gets us laughing and having a blast.
If you family is into sports, I have the best Trivia Game for you. The game I received is from You Gotta Know Games. We live in New York so they sent us the New York sports trivia game. 

The New York Trivia game and all of them feature  over 500 questions for both the novice and professional sports fan this game has it all. I love the idea of playing the game till you reach 21 questions correctly or just ask each other questions and who shouts it the answer out first.

All kinds of questions about to Football,Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Players, Coaches, Trades, Draft picks, Numbers & records, buildings, ballparks, and arenas. 

The instructions are easy to follow, as mentioned you really can set your own way to play. 
Suggested Game Play
  1. Shuffle cards and place entire stack in center of table with point values facing up. Choose a player to go first.
  2. If it's your turn, pick a letter - A, B ,C or D. Another player picks up a top card and reads you the selected question. If you answer correctly, place card in front of you with points facing up. Cards act as a scoreboard. If incorrect, place card in a discard pile and move on to the next player's turn. 
  3. Continue until someone has exactly 21 points. If you go over continue answering questions until scoring is exactly 21 or answering correctly.

I recommend this game for any ages, from young children who love sports to the "know it all" a fun interactive game with family and friends. 
I learned so much when my family knew the answers, it was really fun. Looking forward to playing again this weekend. 

Would make a great gift idea to those who love sports, or those who want to learn more about their sports in their Cities. 
You can also purchase the trivia games on Amazon

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Views and More received product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own.