Safety In The Car For Our Pets

We are all acquainted with the fact that car security is strictly regulated by the law. Infants and children must have car seats adjust by  their weight and height.
Unfortunately, many of us don't know that we have to secure our pets as well. I believe many of us over look our pets in the car. In the past I rarely took my dogs in the car on a trip or even for a ride. We now take Teddy with us frequently. It made me realize how important it is to protect him in case of an accident. 

What Happens If You Don't Protect Your Pet In the Car

Not only can we be injured but your pet can to. Seat belts are there to keep our children and pets safe and sound when an accident happens. At such moments, these useful dog car seats and safety security products can avoid your pet from being hurt. These restraints not only protect your pet but it will  prevent your pet from hitting you or a passenger inside the vehicle.

My daughter and I starting taking Teddy without a restraint in the car a few weeks ago. We stopped short and Teddy fell forward in the back seat. He did not get hurt or fall but he was scared. I felt so bad and guilty I immediately looked into pet safety. 


Whether it is a quick run to the store or a cross-country trip, traveling with your pet can and should be fun. No matter how long or short the duration of your trip might be, it is important to keep safety in mind for you, your loved ones, including your pets.
Here are a few facts you should be aware of whenever you consider traveling with your pets, whether by yourself or with your loved ones.
  • There are 43.3 million households in the US with pets.
  • 84% of dog owners traveling with their dogs are not restraining them.
  • Only 16% of people who transport their dogs use proper safety restraints.
  • 60% of dog owners have driven while distracted by their pets as passengers. 
  • 52% of dog owners have petted their dog while driving.
  • 17% percent of drivers allowed their dog to sit in their lap while driving.
  • 13% percent of drivers admitted to giving food or treats to their dog while driving.
  • 4% percent of drivers acknowledged playing with their dog while driving.
Traveling safely and responsibly with your pet is not just about reducing the risk of harm or fatal injury to your dog; it is about the safety of human occupants as well. You owe it to yourself, your passengers and your beloved pet to make everyone’s journey as safe as possible. 

Types Of Protection Products Available

There is a lot out there that can enhance the safety of your dog in a car. The following is a great website for little dogs that will protect them "just in case". 
Dog Car Seats 

Please be safe with your precious fur babies, they are important too 💙💚💛