Millie's of Staten Island, a must visit for authentic Italian dining.

Doesn't everyone like to dine out as often as your budget will let you? Eating at fabulous places doesn't always have to cost a near fortune. I learned all about Millie's of Staten Island and how they started their journey with a second  location in Staten Island, New York. A commitment from the family who wanted to keep Old World Tradition by using recipes from their grandmother and wanted traditional old style cooking with technology.

They kept the tradition with their first restaurant Millie's Old World located in Morristown, NJ. Their recent location opened at the end of June 2018 and I had to opportunity to try their food and learn about their restaurant. I started off with their platter of oysters, which were chargrilled oysters. The best I have ever had and will only request them "chargrilled" I loved how they were grilled to perfection. 

For my appetizer I ordered Mozzarella with Proscuitto. The freshness of the mozzarella was amazing and fell apart as I ate it. The proscuitto is imported and you can taste the difference from regular sliced from the deli. I enjoyed my favorite Pinot Gricio white wine, with my dish. Only the best from Millie's as the wine and beer are served on "tap" the wine - “GAZERRA” // SICILY, ITALY 2017. 

Joe ordered, "3 Meatballs with Mozzarella" which are 1/4 pound each!! We are both Italian and I do cook a traditional Italian meal on Sundays. My husband loves my meatballs but compared to these I need some cooking lessons :) What can I say, they were delicious. 

Their menu is simple, catering to those lovers of pizza. If you love pizza, you will enjoy either wood fired or coal fired. I ordered a coal fired pizza with pepperoni and my husband ordered the wood fired. Flaming hot as they were brought to the table. 

I love a crisp pie, and that is exactly what I received. The fresh homemade mozzarella and pepperoni complimented the  taste of their vodka sauce. I would say a "perfect pizza pie", it was for sure.

We tried the wood burning pizza topped off with fresh mozzarella and Millie's marinara sauce. You can taste the difference of the coal and wood burning and my husband Joe loved the wood burning pizza. If you like thin pizza the wood burning is for you. So many additional toppings you can add to your pizza.

I have to say our dining experience was exceptional, the staff was very pleasant and wanted us to feel comfortable and asked how everything tasted. Starting out with a new restaurant in location can be difficult, but I do see Millie's of Staten Island leading the pack with their traditional Italian home cooked recipes from a true authentic Italian way. Thumbs up !! 

Take home to go is a great way to share the food you love by ordering from their menu to go. Catering is available at both locations. Visit Millie's at their Charleston location in Staten Island. 



Complimentary meals provided by Millie's of Staten Island. All words and opinions are my own.