Anxiety, Stress can be relieved with CALMING™ in PETS

This post was sponsored by Pet Naturals, Central. All opinions expressed in my post are my own.

The past few weeks have been very hard on our family. Our little Yorkshire Terrier Didi went over the rainbow bridge. For those who do not know what that is, it is a place where it is said all pets go just like Heaven. 

She was 16 years old and the past several months has been suffering from bad anxiety when I was not home. Even with the rest of the family home, she still would look for me. I wanted to try Pet Naturals of Vermont for her when I was not home. It is a natural supplement for dogs to help with their anxiety. It was delivered a few days later after she had passed away:(

I also have another dog Teddy who is a Shih-Tzu, and he is seven. He never showed any signs of anxiety. Since Didi is no longer with us Teddy is having very bad anxiety especially when no one is home. I do have a PetCam so I can monitor him when I am out. He is showing signs of anxiety by howling, wow I really could not believe what I saw him do on the camera. He would not stop barking, looking all around the house for us and he started peeing in my bathroom which is something he has never done. When I came home, his body was so hot and he was panting so hard. 

I really believe it is because he has been around Didi his whole life and was used to being with her all the time and even when our family was out or working. I now know pets do suffer the loss of their companion. My heart was breaking because I didn't know what to do. Our family is having such a hard time with th Didi no longer with us. I didn't expect Teddy to feel such anxiety and loneliness also. I remembered the CALMING™ dog supplement for anxiety and decided to give it a try with Teddy.

The directions say you can give a daily dose to your pet or use as needed. I decided to give him the recommended dose for his weight 2 hours before I went out for the day. The first day he still was barking but he was not howling. He was not walking around the house looking for us. I thought that was an improvement, and I was extremely happy to see him with less stress. It is also recommended that for increased stress and anxiety in your pet you can give a double dose or triple dose. I gave Teddy a double dose for his weight 2 hours again before leaving home. He seemed so much less stressed that even his barking was at a minimum. This is working!!

  • Contains no wheat, corn or artificial ingredients.
  • Manages everyday stress and behavior issues.
  • Contains L-Thenine, Vitamin B1 Colostrum Biopeptide Blend
  • Manufactured in the USA

A few times last week I repeated the same double dosage and he is much calmer and his anxiety seems so much less. So much calmer he has been in the car, it is such a relief. He is still barking but not often and my anxiety level has decreased too!! 

He is my little furball, and I love him so much, he is a part of my family. 
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