Military Appreciation Month: Different Ways to Honor Our Troops

The month of May includes several days that commemorate military accomplishments and participation. Armed Forces Day, Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Memorial Day and Loyalty Day are all examples. The combination of each day is now a part of what is called Military Appreciation Month. This provides us with the opportunity to give respect to all the current members and veterans of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Learning about the experiences of military representatives can increase appreciation for their sacrifice and bravery. It unites communities, families and friends all across the country with a goal to support this inspirational cause. 

Military Appreciation Month can be celebrated in many different ways. Organizations and military advocates all over the United States plan, advertise and implement ways to honor the Armed Forces. Here are some excellent ways you can become more involved with Military Appreciation Month:

Plan or Attend an Event
What is better than bringing a community together for food, music, donations, and guest speakers for an amazing cause? Parades, parties, fund-raisers, cookouts, and 5K walks and runs are all great examples, and if you are struggling to find event specific to military appreciation, create one! Register your event online to reach a larger audience and to efficiently track your RSVP’s. That way you can plan accordingly and prepare for the right amount of people.

Say Thank You
Something like saying a simple “thank you” to a veteran or current member of the military can show a large amount of support and gratefulness. You might think of it as something that is  simple enough as to where it might not make any difference. But trust me, a gesture like this is one of the most common ways to show recognition, and it is a simple reminder that they are fighting for a country whose citizens are grateful that individuals like them exist. 

Send a Care Package
Depending on the reasoning behind sending a care package, it can be a personal gift or a entertaining one. For anyone, it is hard being away from home for a long period of time. Sending a care package can instill the sense of home. Take the time to find different organizations in your community that have a linkage to different military branches. This will make it easier to send out your package, ensure that it will be sent to the proper facility and given to the right person or group.

Donate or Volunteer
Many wounded warriors are in rehabilitation centers around the country to work towards living a normal life. Everyday can be a struggle for some. Planning visits, making a donation  to a veteran center and help therapist, doctors and nurses supply the best care for wounded  servicemen. Here are a few nonprofit organizations to get you started on your search:
A big thank you to all members of the Armed Forces! We hope you feel the support and love from the people of your nation.