Kids, Health, Hydration? What do they have in common? The Gululu Bottle

"This is a sponsored post in partnership with BraVoMark and Gululu."

Technology is truly amazing, introducing the Gululu Go, an interactive water bottle, yes I said interactive❕❕ When I heard about this water bottle I was quite surprised and had to learn more.

What exactly is Gululu Go?
Gululu Go is an interactive water bottle that keeps children hydrated throughout the day and lets parents know their child's water intake by connecting your smart-phone to the app. 

Charge and fill up your children's bottle. Whether they are going to school, camp, or with family on vacation they will see their virtual pet growing as they continue to drink water all day. The speaker on the bottle enables the virtual pets to talk and play sound effects and voice stories. What fun this is for your child to interact with something that gives a result, not just an interactive toy that does not teach your child. This also makes your young child realize how important it is to drink water and how you are helping build a healthy habit for them.

Kids can become dehydrated so quickly, sometimes we do not even recognize the symptoms. As parents, we always want to protect our children. Teaching our children early and making them realize how important it is to consume water on a daily basis has now became so much easier. No more chasing them around telling them to drink more. They can play and interact with their virtual pet and at the same time enjoy playing with friends that have a Gululu too!! Gululu Go is offering a super special offer. Save 35% off with sign up. What a savings❕❕ Check it out here. 👉👉Gululu Go 35% Offer 👈👈

Gululu Go's most important goal is to hydrate children all around the world. Every water bottle that is purchased they will provide a clean water well for life in developing countries. We are not only helping our children but helping those in need of clean water.💗💗

I know any young child would love to play and interact with the Gululu Go, so many more features and different virtual pets they can choose from and fun games to play.