Healthy snack ideas for when you need something sweet

Savory is one thing, but sweet? Sweet has its place in more palates than you might expect, especially as a way to start the day. If you go to an office, something sweet may be just what you need to get your day off to a great start.
Just because something is sweet does not mean it has to be bad for you. In fact, there’s a way to start your day and feed that craving without it taking over (and leading to some unhealthy habits).

Think about what sweeteners that are natural, for example, such as maple syrup and honey. Balance those with ingredients that are full of nutrients and vitamins, and you have the start of a great, healthy snack for your morning. And many of the things you might find on the grocery shelves are ones that you can make yourself. What are some ideas? This graphic offers some thoughts.

Courtesy:  Zerocater 

A Sweet Start to the Day: Mid-Morning Snacks for When You Need Something Sweet