Do you want your children to grow up and Smoke ? Help is needed now.

This post was sponsored by Tobacco Free New York State as part of an Influencer Actication for Influence Central. All opinions expressed in my post are my own.

The best way to act and protect our children from smoking and to inhale second-hand smoke is to sign the petition from TobaccoFreeNYS

One of the worst habits our children can engage in is smoking. So many young children starting as young as 13 are smoking! Yes, 13 years of age. Smoking is so addicting speaking from a former smoker. I started when I was in my teens and gave it up when I became pregnant. I grew up with a mother that smoked and I do believe seeing her for so many years made me want to give it a try. I believe that many young children are influenced by seeing their parent's who smoke and give it a try then become addicted. Nicotine is a DRUG. 

Tobacco Free NYS has had many successful campaigns throughout the years to protect our children from seeing these ads from Tobacco companies. We need to help and we need to help now!!

You can help by visiting "Seen Enough Tobacco" and sign the petition

A campaign a few years ago was launched and asked local tobacco retailers to reduce, remove and rearrange tobacco advertising in and around their stores. Over 1,700 tobacco retailers have made a commitment to do so. There is still a lot more to do and we as New Yorkers need to help. New York City is one of the busiest places to work, live, shop. These signs in stores are everywhere where our children see them in plain sight.

What about the non-smokers!! I was in New York City at an outdoor Cafe and people were smoking. Why should I have to be around second hand smoke? Many parks, beaches, lakes and other places that offer outdoor activity do not have smoking laws in effect. We do not have the choice to not be around people who smoke. We need change and the only way to do this is to be a part of this movement, please take a few minutes to sign the petition your information is private and will not be shared.

Let's make a difference. Every day tobacco companies spend over a half a million dollars to market tobacco in front of our children. These stores have placed cigarettes right in front when we pay for our groceries.  It is so sad to say they want our children to smoke so they can make millions of dollars. How can we as adults help stop our children from potentially being at risk from cancer? 

I know one way, your opinion matters and I hope you will share this with your friends and family so they can sign the petition too!!