Do you know how you should celebrate Arbor Day?

Making the Most of Arbor Day

On April 27, we will celebrate Arbor Day! There are so many activities that you can take part in this year to make a difference, and help the Earth become a more sustainable and healthy home. While celebrating the importance of plant life and trees, consider the activities and small lifestyle changes below that could have an impact on our natural ecosystems.

Plant a Tree

One of the best ways to celebrate Arbor Day is to plant a tree! Trees have so many positive effects on the environment, and us as humans as well.. Just two mature trees provide enough oxygen for one individual to breathe for one whole year. If you don’t have have the space to plant a tree, or you’re just not sure where to find one, look for organizations like the National ForestFoundation that allow you to sponsor the planting of trees without having to do it yourself. Many companies are also taking part in planting trees through partnering with organizations like American Forests, whose mission is to plant trees in our endangered and depleting forests. Arhaus, makers of reclaimed andrecycled dining room furniture, is just one example of a company that works with American Forests, and will be donating trees in honor of Arbor Day. Check out American Forests’ site to see what other brands they work with, and how they are working to improve our natural ecosystems!

Start a Garden

Growing your ownfruits and vegetables can help cut down on the amount of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide pollutants emitted when driving to and from your local grocery store,and cut down on the plastic packaging and plastic bags that contribute to harmful landfills. Eating fresh produce from your garden, also helps to limit your exposure to pesticides or GMOs, by being 100% organic. If you’re a beginner, starting a garden can be daunting, but start small by growing small plants in your window sill, and work your way up to growing your own garden. This can be a conscious way to eat more vegetables and less meat as well. There’s no pressure to go vegetarian, but even eating a few plant based meals a week can cut down on the demand for meat, and decrease the manufacturing of it, which puts a strain on the environment and creates a large amount of carbon emissions.  Or, if you find gardening isn’t for you, and you lack that green thumb, make it a goal for yourself to seek out local farmers or fruit stands to buy produce, rather than purchasing from big box stores. You will cut down on waste and pollution, while also supporting  your local community!

Join a Garbage Clean-up

Another way to honor Arbor Day is to organize or join a garbage cleanup in your local community. We often see garbage on the side of the road, parks, or even just naturally wooded areas. Garbage on the side of highways, close to wooded ecosystems and waterways can be a huge issue to animals and other wildlife that inhabit those areas. To have an impact on the habitats of our wildlife, and decrease the chances of further water pollution, get a group of friends together and spend an hour or two collecting the trash left scattered around your community. If you don’t want to organize an event, but wish to get involved, contact your local park or town hall, to be informed about other groups working towards the same mission, that would love to have you join their crew!