Four months later from my last update and still loving my mattress from Nectar. I am so amazed at how comfortable I sleep and still wake up with no pain. My mattress shows no sign of wear and looks brand new. If you are in the market for a new mattress you really should check out Nectar. 

UPDATE MAY 17, 2018
My Nectar Mattress is still amazing. Sleeping on this mattress after 6 months I STILL DO NOT WAKE UP IN PAIN. The best mattress I have ever slept on. I highly recommend to everyone. I would never pay thousands again for a mattress. It still looks perfect, no sags, lumps or indents from laying on it. 

I have been sleeping on my Nectar Mattress for over 3 months. There are no words except I NO LONGER WAKE UP IN PAIN. I always thought my pain I had each morning waking up was because of age. From the first night sleeping on my mattress  I have not had any pain while getting out of bed, neck hurting and I know for sure it is because of this incredible mattress.

I waited to post my review because I needed a couple of months to see how we will sleep, wear and tear, if it is comfortable falling asleep, and waking up. I still have the nights where I cannot fall asleep and that is not due to the mattress it is just part of everyday life where you are either stressed out or your mind is racing and going 100 miles per hour while trying to fall asleep. 

The memory foam mattress is just so comfortable. Your body just sinks and it contours to your shape. I look forward to going into bed because of my mattress. 

Prior to the Nectar Mattress I had a mattress that cost me double the price. I was very hesitate at first to try this mattress in a box. I discussed it with my husband and he was against it at first. I didn't know much about these type of mattresses or even heard of them. I started to do some research before agreeing to give it a try and a review. This is one of the best products I have had and talked about to everyone. If I could get across to everyone by writing my words huge !! and scream out loud I would. Best, best mattress I have ever had and the most inexpensive. 

My old mattress every time one of us moved in the bed or turned over the other person felt it. That would drive me crazy because sometimes it made me wake up. If my husband now rolls over or changes his position in the Nectar Sleep Mattress my side of the bed does not move. 

After 3 months no signs of wear my mattress is as perfect as when it first arrived. I am so satisfied with this mattress that I will only purchase from Nectar in the future. I have recommended this mattress and raved about it to my friends and family. My husband and I are so comfortable on our king size mattress. If you are in the market for a new mattress you really should consider a mattress from Nectar. 

I received my King Size Nectar Mattress complimentary in exchange for my opinion. All words and opinions are my own as stated