Are you a Bragger or Show Off ?

I don't know about you but sometimes I am amazed at people that brag or who are a show off. It is every where in everyday life.  Your family and friends might
be the same way. Do they really realize it? Do they know what they are saying when they constantly say (this or that) or (I did this and it was super) or (I was accepted here) and (I am going there) and on and on!! Does it annoy you? 

We all need to share our happy feelings about what we have, or accomplished, or plan to do. When is it becoming to much? I have listed a few signs and here they are

  1. You brag about your latest purchases on a daily basis
  2. You look down on people that do not have what you do
  3. You are always talking about yourself
  4. You interrupt a conversation and say I have that or I did that when a friend or family member is still talking 
  5. You show off on Social Media posting everything you have or did

Other signs :
  • Guess what happened to me !!
  • I am so honored to announce...
  • I am so excited to tell everyone ......

Don't get me wrong we all have said these words on occasion. Everyone is also different on what they want to share with people on Social Media. I prefer to be quiet  I do  not  feel  the need to let everyone know what is going on in my life. Others might enjoy posting everything they did. I think that is great, everyone has  their own  opinion. This is not  bragging. It is  how you  say it or how you come off to others and go about it and on a constant basis.  

Does it  bother me? To an extent, when  someone I am  talking to  who  is  not interested in what I have to say or disrupts my conversation and always brings it back to talking about themselves.

What are your opinions on bragging? Do you know anyone who is a show off? Would love to hear your opinions on this topic.