Why are so many parents are complaining about Elf on the Shelf

I say if you complain about it don't do it. I am writing in regards to the cutest little Elf - Elf on the Shelf. For the past 10 years I have wished they had this little toy when my children were younger. I see and hear of so many complaints about "how they have to do it", "oh no not now", "I don't like this Elf".If it is something you really do not enjoy doing then don't.

My children are all in their mid 20's. They get up in the morning and go to work. Technology, toys and everything in life improves as time goes on. We all say would never say what our parents did but I find myself saying it now. I am amazed at what gifts you can buy in the past few years. Elf on the Shelf is one of them.

So many parents I see from different photos are so creative and do amazing things with their Elves and I know when their children wake up in the morning they are fascinated. Believing in Santa is such a precious time in our children's childhood why not make the most of it by planning and taking 15 minutes each night to put the Elf somewhere special for your child to wake up in the morning and look for.

My daughter who is a Kindergarten teacher in a Catholic school purchased one to share with her children in her class. She takes him every day before she leaves to come home and does something fun with him. She says the children are so excited each morning when they come to class to look for him. 

My point is please do not complain about something that might seem to cute and fun to others especially if you do it yourself. That is considered a hypocrite. 

Enjoy this time of year with your children and treasure every moment. The memories that will be made with your family especially your children will last a lifetime. 

Happy Holidays to all !! Wishing everyone a healthy Holiday Season. From my desk to yours :) Cynthia 


  1. I absolutely love our elf and think it's so much fun to see my girls searching for him each morning! I'm not alone because my elf post always goes crazy this time of year and is at #1 or #2 for the entire month! I think more people love him than don't :-)

  2. Like you, I wish Elf on the shelf was around when our kids were little. I just know they would have loved it! I didn't realize people were dogging on the little fella, but, unfortunately some people can complain about anything. lol I support the elves!

  3. I hear parents say this too and we do have friends that just don't have one. But I personally love them so much!

  4. My youngest nephew loves Elf On The Shelf (he still BELIEVES!) you know, if all someone has to complain about is elf on the shelf, well, they must be living a pretty good life!

  5. I am a big fan of the Elf. However, I don't have kids at home that have expectations of me. Ha!

  6. Well put. I just don't have the energy to deal with the Elf every night (in part because health issues often complicate this time of year for me - this is 2nd year in a row I'm nursing a broken bone that has affected my mobility!), but hey, to anyone who has the time and energy, I say go for it! - more power to you, and I'm duly impressed! (just don't get down on me for NOT sharing in this tradition with you!) :)