Picture Keeper "THE BEST" device to store all your photos

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 “The Season of Giving With Picture Keeper Connect”

The Perfect Gift For Preserving Your Memories

I have the perfect gift for everyone that likes to take photos. ( I think that would be most of us. ) The Picture Keeper is on my list for my children who are always taking photos on their phones. No matter how big your storage is on your phone I know I am always looking for an easy way to store photos and save them. The Picture Keeper is the easiest safest way to keep your photos forever. 

It easily attaches to your phone, tablet or computer. Upload your photos and save them to the picture keeper device. I like to keep my photos organized so I would like to have a few Photo Keepers. For me that would be to keep my photos listed by year. Directions that are enclosed is easy to follow and you will have your pictures stored as easy as 1 2 3 !!

Picture Keeper Connect is Perfect for:

  • Photo takers (especially those that love to take selfies!)
  • Non-tech-savvy people like mom, dad, or grandparents.
  • People constantly on-the-go like travelers, parents, busy families, photographers, teachers, real-estate agents, event planners, etc.
  • Including as a stocking stuffer for photo lovers or people with big life events such as weddings, expecting a baby or off to college.
  • It has an option to search for your photos.

There are videos you can view on their website and also on YouTube 

If you are having an event where you plan to take lots of photos it would be nice to save all your photos so you do not take up space on your phone or computer. They are sold in  different sizes of storage 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Choose the right size for your needs. Not sure which one would be good for you ? Visit the Estimator Tool answer a few questions and it will provide you with the storage that would be needed. 

You can purchase the Picture Keeper Connect for $119.99, or right now, my friends over at Picture Keeper are giving my readers 40% OFF!!! their order by simply using the promo code : Discount Code: VIEWS40
- 40% OFF Picture Keeper site at checkout. 

This is a great gift idea for the Holidays. Order yours today and a few for friends and family. They also have a great giveaway going on enter to win a Picture Keeper.

Picture Keeper Season of Giving Giveaway

For more information, visit the Picture Keeper website or visit Picture Keeper on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 


  1. 40% off is such a generous deal!!! And this is (IMO) a Must Have for everyone. Perfect thoughtful gift for the holidays.

    1. It is a must have. So good if you need more space back on your phone or PC.

  2. I will have to ask the teen to see if this would work with my phone. This would be great for traveling.

  3. Thanks for the great discount code. I always take a ton of photos. This is a great way to store them.

  4. This looks perfect for people who want to store tons of photos! We have a lot of relatives who ask us how to get their pictures from their phones to their computers. This is the solution!

  5. I need to get one of these. I just worry about losing it or it malfunctioning. My current system is terrible though.

  6. This is my first time hearing about Picture Keeper! I've dealt with not having enough storage on my phone and did not know this existed!

  7. Interesting new digital gadget but I've already got my process down for managing my thousands of photos ...

  8. What a neat gadget! I have never heard of this before, would be great for a gift.

  9. Thanks for sharing this. It sounds very useful. I had so much photos on my drive, had to find somewhere to store them!

  10. Love this, and what a great deal! I had never heard of this.

  11. We have a Picture Keeper. It has definitely been worthwhile having it. We take A LOT of photos!

  12. What a deal at 40% off. Definitely should look into this as I also take a lot of photos. xo, Suzanne

  13. I got the Picture Keeper a few years ago and I love it. I actually need to get another one as I'm full and have more photos to transfer.

  14. With the massive amount of photos that I have, this would definitely be quite helpful! Awesome giveaway!

  15. Oh wow I definitely need this in my life. I have to usually empty my phone often and my computer isn’t always near me.

  16. What a great tool! I was just telling my husband that I really need to store my pictures somewhere other than my computer desktop.

  17. I love having extra space for my pics. Things like up so quick.

  18. This item is small but genius! I could make this as my holiday giveaway to my tech-savvy friends. Thanks!


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