Smartick is an online math learning method for children 4 to 14 years old. Supported by the European Union, the program features the latest Artificial Intelligence technology to adapt to your child’s learning pace and style.

Based on a daily 15-minute session, the child progresses at his or her own pace, building self-confidence, avoiding frustration, and developing a positive attitude toward math. The short daily sessions of 15 minutes promote maximum concentration. They also help create a study habit and routine, avoid burnout, and keep children motivated and coming back for more. Smartick´s recommendation is that children do their session at least 5 days a week to truly experience the benefits of the program.

At the end of the daily session, students can access a Virtual World, where they can play scientifically designed games to reinforce cognitive skills, such as perception, attention, memory, and logical reasoning. They can also personalize their bedroom and avatar, and buy things with the stars they received during their math session.

Parents can monitor the performance of the students from the parent´s dashboard: they can review the math content they have been working on, the exercises they responded incorrectly and other information like the speed of resolution. They also receive a summary of their child's session directly in their inbox.

94% of students improve their calculation skills, and 83% improve their school grades in math. Thousands of children in more than 65 countries improve their math daily with Smartick.

Smartick is primarily used as an after-school activity for children. Many families find Smartick looking for an alternative to Kumon, Russian Math and other after-school, enrichment programs. Children complete their math sessions at home, from their computers or tablets. No commuting or schedules.

The program has been created by a diverse team of educators, psychologists, mathematicians, and engineers. They also provide outstanding customer service. Check out their website and enjoy a 15-day free trial: This may be the perfect program to get your children a head start in math for the upcoming school year!

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  1. Oh man! The days when I have to think about my kids education. Wow - that seems so foreign to me right now but before I know it, kids will be a part of my life!