Yes I am in LOVE with my ILIFE Robotic Vacuum

I have always wanted a Robotic Vacuum, watched them work on television and then when it came to the price I was like no way, to expensive. I was invited to review the ILIFE'S robotic vacuum. I did some reading and watched videos. It looked like it worked the same way as others. The one difference was the price.

It did everything I needed it to do. Opened the package, set it up which was very easy and was ready to give it a test. I have mostly hard wood floors, ceramic tile in the kitchen and throw rugs. I set it up in the kitchen and watched it go all over the floors. I have both low pie rugs and high pile. The Robot went right on the high pile rug without a problem. It went through my home in each room. It would stop slightly for a second if it was going to run into a wall or furniture. It knows if something is in front of it.

It has a remote that you can make it go faster and send it back to its base. You do have to be in a reasonable distance for it to recognize the base. I opened the top took out the plastic contain and opened it. I was in shock at the amount of dust and dirt it had picked up!! It was full. I really could not believe it.

I have had my ILIFE robot for almost 2 months now. I use it everyday. I first use my Dyson which is supposed to be one of the best vacuums. After I vacuum with that I let the robot do its work. It goes through my home usually about an hour or so. With every use it picks up so much dust and dirt I don't know where it is coming from !! All I know is I feel like my floors are so much cleaner. I really love this robotic vacuum.

Easy to clean, has a filter which I do have to order more to have. Comes with extra brushes for the bottom. Is just so helpful to me. I have used the wet robotic. I use that in the bathroom, close the door and let it clean the entire floor.

I highly recommend the V5s if you have pets, I have 2 dogs that don't shed but it still picks up hair. I love how it goes into corners, under my couches and beds. LOVE IT !!

Yes that is all it picked up with one use. After I have used my regular vacuum. 
Ugly !!!

You should check out their Robotic Vacuums. You might find one that fits your needs.

I received this product complimentary for review. All words and opinions are strictly my own.