Best Apps on Android Keeping Kids Safe

Android has helped us in every aspect of our lives and it makes sense to use it to keep an eye on our kids as well. These days kids are quite adapt at picking up technology, 3-year-olds know how to operate and unlock Android tablets and are actively using them not only to have fun but also use. These are some best apps for keeping kids safe on Android, they will only keep your kids safe while using Android but also when they are not actively using their devices.
We have already talked about kid’s friendly smartphones, and tablets for kids that are secure, so make sure to check out these articles as well. Apps on the best apps for keeping kids safe on Android list are very unconventional but can help you parents better, especially when you’re not actively looking at the screen yourself. I’ll be honest here, I don’t have any kids, so I didn’t exactly test these apps on children. I however went through the reviews of the apps and even asked a few colleagues to test the apps for me. The results were not amazing, some apps did work while others were not too helpful. So I urge you to make a personal judgment call when using these apps.
Note: The best apps for keeping kids safe on Android were tested on a Sony Xperia Z smartphone. I tested the user experience, the features of the apps and they worked perfectly fine. Some of the apps will need an active Internet connection to provide the full feature set.

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Kid’s Shell

We’ve all been there, we give our smartphone to a little kid and they end up purchasing graphic cards on Amazon. Kid’s Shell is a launcher specifically made for children, this means they will only be able to use the apps that you allow them to use. The shell is also password-protected, so that they cannot exit it at all. However, this app is only useful on older smartphones that don’t come with a dedicated kid’s mode. I’m not sure about other manufacturers but Samsung and Sony have their own dedicated kids mode integrated into their custom Android skin. So, if you already have a Samsung smartphone updated to the latest version, I recommend that you use it. If you don’t have the option available natively, kid’s Shell will keep your kids safe.



  1. This is a great post. It is always agood idea to use apps to help keep tabs on the kiddos. There so manty to choose from, so thank you for helping narrow it down

  2. I've actually not heard of the Safe Kids app, but I love that this exists! We have seen way too many heartbreaking stories of babies accidentally left in cars and we need to explore every option to end this. Having an app that reminds you your baby is in the car and also alerts others if needed is fantastic. Any app that works well and helps keep my kiddos safe is something I would be willing to look into.

  3. I'm always looking for reliable safety apps when it comes to kids. Thanks for putting this list together!

  4. I had no idea these apps existed but it's great that they do. If kids are going to be out there in cyberspace, we need to keep them safe there.

  5. How awesome is this did not know there were so many safety apps to care for our children. It is incredible how technology can improve our lives in so many ways.

  6. When they say there is an app for everything, they meant it. I feel what ever you need to do to keep your children safe is a good thing. This is great information for any parent.

  7. I never thought about apps that keeps kids safe. That GPS Family Tracker sounds like a good one that I just may look into!

  8. I think these are some great apps! I've never really thought much about this since I don't have children of my own, but definitely good ideas!

  9. I had no idea there were apps that help keep your family safe. Thanks for sharing. I need a tracker on my girls <3

  10. So informative. I had no ideas that apps like this existed.