If you have children ages 0-4, you should find out about ZUMBINI

I have been to Zumba classes in the past and enjoyed them all. I didn't know they had "Zumbini" which is for children ages 0 - 4. I was invited to go to a class near my home and check out what Zumbini is all about.

I met with Gina Cinisomo the director and owner of Move Me Dance & Fitness Studio. She was very pleasant and friendly and all the parents and children were starting to come in for their class. I introduced myself and told the ladies I would be observing the classes taking photos and videos. Ms. Gina gave out to new members a really nice packet everyone receives when they sign up for a session. Moms can play the music at home in the car when they are not at class with their children. This bundle includes 2 CDs and a songbook that has all the lyrics from the music CD. 

I thought that was a great concept. The children feel even more comfortable getting to know the songs when they come to class.

Here are pictures and video clips 

Ms. Gina leads by playing songs, singing and getting the parents and children involved. This was the first time for a few moms and their children so of course I believe the first time the children are more reserved and as the classes go on they become more involved. Two of the children were very interactive because they have taken classes before. It was fun to watch the moms show their children what to do and interact with them. 

There are also themes when you join a session. You can ask your teacher when you join.

Kalino Finds The Music
TJ and His PJ's
Hilli and the Dance
No Way Jose

Ms. Amanda who teaches Zumbini in Maryland, was in for a visit to see her family and came by to take a class with her son. Even when traveling teachers and children participate in other classes.

There are different instruments used at each class and the children get to play and learn different sounds and learn to play with other children their age. Dance, sing, wiggle and giggle for 45 great minutes with your children or if you are a caregiver. 

I think these classes are a great benefit to young children. To be able to sing along with CD's at home or in the car with your youngster, then take them to a weekly class can be fun, educational and special time with your child. 

Zumbini has locations throughout the US. You can check 
Zumbini locations for a location near you. 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zumbini. All opinions are 100% mine.