"You can save so much money on prescriptions through SearchRx"

With the prices of prescription medications these days, we pay top dollar and normally have our prescriptions sent to our nearest pharmacy. Most of us have many Pharmacy's in our neighborhoods. Have you ever checked the prices of your prescription medications ? I take Levothrolxine 50 MCG for low Thyroid. I did a search and many stores in my neighborhood came up. If I am going to save money I surely would go to that pharmacy wouldn't you ?Many stores came up all not shown below. Costco, Target, RiteAid. All prices were within 50 cents, I have my prescriptions in CVS/pharmacy. I decided to find out how much of a savings I would have using searchrx.com . I am lucky to have prescription coverage so I pay a low co-pay. Some people that do have coverage and pay a high co-pay can even save. Always check either way if you have coverage or not.I called CVS and asked for a price for a 30 day supply of Levothrolxine 50 MCG. I was so surprised at the price they quoted me !! $19.09. A savings of $6.96 per month.

To qualify for a savings of $6.96 I visited searchrx.com typed in the name of my prescription set my location and strength of the prescription I use. Very easy, very simple no sign up required. You have the option of sending the savings to your phone sms, email, or print out the coupon. Here is a copy of my coupon that I would use when submitting my prescription.  They also offer pharmacist help toll free for any questions. A savings of almost $7.00 was truly surprising. If you pay for prescriptions I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using Search RX. Using this service I would save $83.53 a year. It is a big savings for one prescription

Users are able to get coupons from our website, but also through our easy-to-use app here: ( iTunes and Google Play )

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You can compare prices and get coupons to save up to 75 %.Join over 10 Million families who are saving right now on their prescriptions with searchrx.com . 

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  1. Thanks so much! Several prescriptions in our family, and I appreciate having a new place to search for better prices. Off to find my bottles and try this ...

  2. With two people having Type 1 Diabetes and other medical conditions in our family - this is going to save us TONS! Thank you!!

  3. Anything that saves money gets a thumbs up from me. Especially on prescriptions which are so expensive these days anyway!

  4. It sounds like a really handy service. However I live in the UK so think it works very differently! Be interested to hear more about saving as trying to save for a car x

  5. Nice info. Lucky you, there is no such a place here. We have to go to the nearest city to buy our medicines, and it takes one hour traveling with boat.

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    1. This is the first time I have heard about this program. I like that it will search all the pharmacies in your area. With as expensive as many prescription are, this could be helpful.

  7. I'm absolutely going to check this out! My prescriptions are so expensive even WITH insurance... it would be great to be able to save anywhere that I can.