When a Paid Campaign (Sponsored Post) goes very wrong

Last year I filled out a form from one of the companies I applied to be on the list of Bloggers to do sponsored posts, ads, etc. A month or 2 later I received an email to participate in the survey. Filled it out, send it back and honestly didn't think anything else about it. As bloggers we receive so many invitations to fill out if we would be a good "fit" for a campaign. 

About two weeks later received an email from the company that I was chosen to go into New York City to attend a big event. I was thrilled and so happy. I received the 

Event Name
Time- anytime in the afternoon

That was the only information I did receive. One important piece of important information I did not think of at the time. Do you know what that important piece of information is ?
I will explain later.

Headed to the City (that hectic City), New York. Took the command bus the easiest and best way to travel. After all the company was paying me $300.00 to visit this company have an interview with one of the associates. It would not take no more than an hour. I would come home and share it on my blog and social media networks. 

Arrived at the building with heavy security. Most all buildings are now in the city. They asked why I was there I explained and showed them the information I had and that there was no scheduled time just to be there in the afternoon. They said give them a few minutes to call up to the Company. At least a half hour went by and I was still standing there while people were going in and out. I went back up the security desk and asked why it was taking so long. He told me they do not have anyone scheduled to be seen today and no events are going on. I was frazzled. I told him the name of the Company that sent me.

I know I had all the correct information. He said give him a few more minutes he will call up again. At that time I quickly emailed the company and also looked for their phone number and called. No response. After 10 minutes my phone rang. It was the woman who gave me the information to come to this event. I explained to her that the company has no one scheduled today. She told me "That is not true". She said,  "Let me call them and I will call you back", I said okay. 

She never called back but after 45 minutes the security desk called me over and said the company will see you. I went up, meet with a young woman that explained to me she felt bad and that she is very busy and will give me a quick tour. We did that, I took notes and thanked her. She told me again she has no clue and has never heard of this company. I stood in shock again not knowing what is going on. I asked her if the woman called her and she told me no. Now I was getting mad !!! She gave me her information, I thanked her and was back on my way home.

I tried to call with no response once I was home. I emailed her and she immediately emailed me back. She told me she was having internet issues and they still want a blog post and social shares. She told me she would get back to me. I gave her the benefit of doubt and waiting a month. Emailed her back, she said she still does not have any answers. Emailed her 3 months later and guess what !! She told me she is still trying to work on something with them. 

I wrote her back just letting her know she is very unprofessional and should have at least offered me for my time and travel. No response.

What did I learn

I have to say I learned a lot when something does go wrong. My next travel campaign I will make sure I also have:

The person I am supposed to meet with (their name) 
A telephone number of the company 

I also would call the day before regardless if I am supposed to or not to speak to the person I am interviewing with. Make sure I am on their appointment list. 

I wrote this so anyone that does go out on campaigns to make sure they have all the information that they need. It is so important because things can go wrong. 

Has anyone had any not so good experiences with a campaign? Would love to hear. 

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  1. wow, so sorry to hear this! I would definitely be leery, especially about laying out money to travel up-front. But you're right, as bloggers we get so many invites etc. that it seems like a waste of time to check into them all prior to the event. I'm glad you learned from this and hope it is a one-time event! Thanks for sharing --