Get your Coupons and Shop in One Place GROUPON

Groupon is a fabulous site that saves its members a great deal of money.  They have many categories to choose from and each individual city has its own places to save. Below shows some of their categories which basically is everything !! They even offer now which is NEW Delivery and Takeout. 

You can shop from Travel Destinations, find the best deals on Gyms in your neighborhood. Just type in your City and State and you are ready to go....

71,347 free coupons at 10,767 stores. (These numbers are always changing depending on the amount of businesses who are offering coupons and deals.) When I want to look for coupons I go to the link below Groupon Coupons to save on everything

 I love Coupons !!! Who Doesn't 

I have two parties coming up and I need to shop for Womens Clothing. I decided to shop at Macy's
I found 125 Coupons available at Macy's through Groupon. No reason to do a regular search on the web where you always come up with coupons that do not work. Visit Groupon type where you would like to shop and you will receive what is available to your closest Macy's.

Grab your coupon and get ready to shop.

I am ready to shop and save

Each time before I go shopping I look through Groupon at the stores I am going to. If available I grab each coupon from the stores and I save a bundle. I have also purchased on-line through Groupon for Jewelry and saved. 

I did a search in my area and these are some of the stores I can shop and print out Groupon Coupons from Groupon 

I highly recommend giving Groupon a try. If you are already signed up and never used their service go back and check it out in detail. I know you will love it once you get used to how their site works which is very easy to understand.

Share this page with your friends and family and let them start clipping coupons and saving.

Check out Groupons Website, and Social Media Sites

Let me know what you have saved using Groupon

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  1. Thanks for sharing the info. Sure I will give a try and check it out in detail.


  2. I love coupons too! I personally use Ibotta and my Ralphs Card :) I will have to check Groupon out! I have heard great things about it and I guess now it's about time after reading you post :)


  3. We don't have any sort of coupons in Serbia. I loved watching extreme couponers on TLC tho. Seems so fun amd I would definitely use them if I could

  4. I'm a big fan of Groupon for goods and days out. I have the app on my phone and use it all of the time!

  5. Wow! I didn't realize that Macy's had all of those coupons on Groupon. I've only been aware of the coupons on their site from time to time. Gotta check this out! :)

  6. Groupon is amazing! You basically have everything you need in one place and at discounted prices as well. You get to see the best deals around which makes it awesome. I've saved a lot thanks to groupon!

  7. I love how groupon puts all shopping in one place and then significantly makes it easier for you to shop and save. These deals are pretty reasonable.

  8. I have tried Groupon. Have found some great deals too.

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