Encan Woman Umbrella Giveaway 3 Winners

3 Winners Will Be Singing In The Rain With Their #EncanWomen Umbrella When The #Giveaway Ends 7/17
You'll Be Singing In The Rain With This Encan Women Umbrella
You'll Be Singing In The Rain With This Small Lightweight Travel Umbrella That Repels Dirt, Water, UV Rays, and It Dries Almost Instantly!

Lightweight Travel Umbrella That Repels Dirt, Water, UV Rays, and It Dries Almost Instantly!
  • WIND RESISTANT FRAME SYSTEM is made of Premium Fiberglass and High Quality Stainless Steel
  • AUTOMATIC QUICK OPEN AND CLOSE FUNCTION: Not only does it open automatically, but it actually CLOSES automatically, all with a touch of a single button.
Encan Women Umbrella Comes In 4 Beautiful Prints

My Thoughts:
With the rain last night I finally had the opportunity to try out this unique umbrella. The black material is a shiny coated repellent type material and the underside has a beautiful print that the colors are rich and vibrant in. I found that this small lightweight umbrella was small enough to fit into a tote bag, glove box, door pocket, or pretty much anywhere I would need to stash an emergency umbrella but still had enough size to keep me dry when I needed it. The construction is lightweight but appears to still be durable. With having difficulty holding on to things since I arthritis in both hands and have suffered a shattered my wrist and broken thumb I found the handle a bit small for my liking. However, it is the normal size for this size umbrella. I really love the look of this compact umbrella and will enjoy using it on the raining days that are sure to be brightened by its beauty.

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Encan Women Umbrella Giveaway
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  1. I love rainy days! They're so fun :)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  2. I don't mind rainy days as long as its warm outside and I don't have to drive in it if its a hard downpour. I haven't let loose and sang in the rain in a long time, way overdue.

  3. I like rainy days but we don't have too many of them in Arizona. I have let loose and danced in the rain but if I tried that now I might break a hip!

  4. I love rainy days! I never sang in the rain though lol

  5. Singing in the rain is fun especially if its a hot summer day

  6. I actually love thunder storms as long as they aren't dangerous. Love a great hot summer night storm.

  7. i love the rain showers in the spring and summer

  8. I wish it would rain here today so I can sing in it