Pet Bucket Seat Cover

Pet Bucket Seat Cover - Premium Quilted Luxury Padding - Waterproof - Non-slip Rubber Backing - Secure Fit Seat Anchor - Any Size Dog - Fits Car, Truck, SUV Front Seat - Tan - Bonus Seat Belt Harness

I have been using a small blanket when I take my dogs in the car with me. I have 2 small dogs and they always slide all over with the blanket because of the leather seats. In the winter the leather seats are so cold on their little bodies. In the winter it is hot.

This seat cover is so perfect for them. It attaches very easily to the top and the side of the seat. There are four straps that keep it secure.

It stays in place and they are so much more comfortable staying in their seat. Their nails have slightly damaged and scratched the seat from jumping around. When I take them to the groomer there is always hair everywhere but not with the Pet Bucket Seat.

When we arrive back home from a haircut or trip I just take off the cover and shake it out side. You can tell they are much more comfortable not sliding all over because the blanket does not stay stationary. Highly recommended !! 

I received this Pet Bucket cover complimentary or discounted in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and words are my own.