My Review : Conbrov® DV089 Tiny body activated PIR home security camera

Conbrov® DV089 Tiny body activated PIR home security camera motion detection mini video recorder for indoor surveillance.

The Conbro Tiny activated camera works great. I have it in my kitchen for when I go out. I have 2 little dogs that I always thought were so good when we went out. I do have a camera in two of my living rooms that are on all the time when I am out. I loved the idea that the Conbro only goes on with movement.

My dogs are so bad !!! Howling, barking crying when I am not home. I could not see any activity in the kitchen so was happy to receive this camera complimentary in exchange for my honest review.

I still am learning to use it. I view it on my camera. Well as usual, my dogs are making a mess in my kitchen. I can now see them in the rooms they go to most. The camera was easy to charge,

1 x DV089 PIR Mini Cam
1 x user manual
3 x brackets
1 x USB cable
1 x Charger adaptor
(Memory card is not included)

I did have a Micro SD card in my camera so I just switched it to the Conbrov Recorder. A good little camera if you need to use to be discreet. It comes with a clip you can attach to your belt. It also comes with a mount if you want to put it up on the wall or on a surface. All words and opinions are my own.

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