Family Candles a great place to shop for Candles at super prices

I love candles, burning during the day and to add the romance and the exquisite aroma all day and night. Unfortunately many candles that claim to fill a room with a fragrance while the candle burns lack that quality. I have purchased expensive candles that have had no aroma at all. Isn't that why we purchase candles? To give our room or home a special scent one that we have picked out and love.

I received from Family Candles a beautiful professional candle that looks as if it was factory produced. They are a Business that is growing fast and I know why. The candle is handmade and is perfection. Two wicks in the center of the candle enhances the Aroma throughout my home.

I received “Ocean Breeze”  a pleasant fragrance that I felt as if I was at the beach with the wind blowing. It is a powerful candle that within minutes of it being lit spreads the aroma throughout my room. A candle that honestly speaks for itself... I want to smell the room with fragrance and with the 16 oz double wick candle does just that. 

I didn't know there was a difference between soy wax and paraffin wax. There is a big difference I noticed while my candle burned. I have been using my candle for two weeks and the level of soy wax has dropped so slightly you can not really tell the difference. What does that mean ? It means my candle will last twice if not three times longer than a regular candle with paraffin. (Big Savings) There is no black sout around the inside of the candle. Here is a photo of my candle that has been burning for two weeks. 

Here are a few photos two weeks of continuous burning

If you have a business and would like to purchase wholesale they offer great prices.
Family Candles are adding new products daily and have many fragrance candle to choose from. I highly recommend trying one of their candles you will not be disappointed. 

Disclamer: I received this Ocean Breeze candle complimtnary in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion