The Classic Ceramic Nonstick Griddle is awesome !!

The Classic Ceramic

Nonstick Griddle is 

awesome !!
I have been using the Ceramic Griddle for almost a month. I have cooked such a wide variety of foods in it. I have made breakfast ( eggs, omelette's, pancakes, chicken marsala ) and the pan is rated A+ with how the food cooks evenly, super non stick and the cleanup is a breeze. Not one type of food sticks to the pan. When I am done cooking all I have to do is rinse under the sink and within seconds all left over food is removed without me even cleaning with a sponge and dish washing liquid. I do clean it after the food is removed.

I am amazed at the Ceramic inside coating. No more Teflon or worrying about scratches. I thought for sure while I was cooking that I would damage the inside using a regular fork but no marks were left. By far the best pan I have cooked with. 

I love that it is eco-friendly and PFOA-free white ceramic nonstick. It is very durable and the stainless steel handle is super strong. I received this product complimentary in exchange for my unbiased opinions and review. All words and opinions are strictly my own.

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  1. Wow, that is pretty impressive because even all of those teflon, 'non-stick' pans, they always stick unless you slather it in butter.